Weeping Water Nebraska
Mayor Howard Stubbendieck opened the public hearing regarding the application to the
Nebraska Department of Economic Development for a Community Development Block Grant at
6:00 p.m. at City Hall, with the following members of the Council answering roll. Bob
McCaulley, Melody Falcone, Mitch Miller and Ray Frew. Absent: None. Notice of the public hearing was given in advance by posting in three public places in the city.

The Mayor summarized the proposed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
application, in which the City of Weeping Water is requesting CDBG funds in the amount of
$15,700, for costs in completing a community water system study and administrative fees, with
the city matching funds for the project being $6,300. There being no public objection or
comment, the public hearing was closed and the regular monthly meeting was convened with all
members of the council answering roll.

Notice of the monthly meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the April 6, 2006
edition of the Plattsmouth Journal.

Minutes of the March 13, 2006 meeting were approved as written.

Motion by Falcone, seconded by McCaulley to adopt Resolution No. 06-5, which authorizes the
chief elected official to sign an application for CDBG funds and the necessary documents
involved with the same. Motion carried with all members of the council voting aye.
Following review of bids received for operation of the Concessio n Stand at the Ball Field for the
upcoming ball season and during the Limestone Day celebration, a motion was made by Frew,
seconded by Miller to accept the bid of Zachary and Rob Hartman in the amount of $750.00.
Motion carried unanimously.

Members of the Weeping Water Girl Scout Troop 007 Homestead Council gave a brief
presentation to the City Council expressing their appreciation to the city for providing use of the
Community Building for their Girl Scout meetings and activities.
Rob Hartman addressed the Council to inquire as to the status of the zoning requirements for
commercial property adjoining his residence. The City Attorney was advised to pursue a time
frame for scheduled activities from the registered owner of the property.

Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to approve the request of Hopkins Tavern for Special
Designated Liquor Licenses for the following events: June 24, 2006 from 10:00 a.m. to l: 00
a.m. on June 25, 2006, during Limestone Days in designated fenced in areas in the front and rear
of business establishment; May 6, 2006 from 6:00 a.m. until l: 00 a.m. on May 7th, 2006 in a
designated fenced in area behind the business establishment, for a fish fry. Motion carried with
all members of the council voting aye.

The following Monthly Activity Reports were presented: Police Activity Report-179 hours
patrolled with 14 citations and 18 warnings being issued; Water/Wastewater Report;
Maintenance Report; Rescue Report-7 responses in March (5 transports, 1 standby and 1 nontransport); Fire Report-8 responses in March (4 brush/field fires, 2 standby, 1 auto accident, and 1 light pole fire.) It was noted in the Fire Report that Earnest West has requested to reinstate from honorary to active membership on the Fire Department, which met with full council

It was noted that non completed street improvements commenced by Norm Patzel should be
completed within the next few weeks.

The City Attorney provided an update on the status of previously addressed Health Board
concerns, which will continue to be pursued.

Motion by Falcone seconded by Frew to approve the bid of A-1 Sweeping and Striping for city
wide street cleaning at a cost of $3,580.00. Motion carried unanimously. It was noted that the
Fire Department plans to wash down the sidewalks in the business district in conjunction with
the street cleaning. The need to strictly monitor mowing and/or blowing of grass clippings and
leaves into the street were discussed and will be monitored so that the money spent on street
cleaning is not wasted.

In regard to the Weeping Water Trail Project, Chris Langan of Jacobson Helgoth Consultants
provided a revised project schedule, due to personnel changes within their company. Other
documents presented for review, which will be forwarded for proper submittal, included the
30%-60% Submittal Drawings, Preliminary Quantities and Construction Cost Schedule,
Environmental and Property Review Forms, Hydraulic Calculations and Floodplain
Development Permit Application and Attachments.

Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to accept the Annual Audit Report, which was
completed by Dana F. Cole & Company. Motion carried unanimously.

Following review of conceptual drawings of the re-creation of the limestone pillars at the west
entrance to the ball field, which were prepared by Tom Stander, it was agreed that a subcommittee of the Council, consisting of Melody Falcone and Bob McCaulley, negotiate details for an adequate proposal to be presented to the City Council for consideration.
Documents received from Olsson Associates included a modified conceptual layout and budget
estimates for the “Gospel Hill Street Project” and a Scope of Services for services to manage and
support the completion of the Municipal Water System Study, both of which will continue to be

The following Ordinance was presented: ORDINANCE NO. 552
Motion by Frew, seconded by McCaulley that the statutory rules be suspended so that Ordinance No. 552 might be introduced, read by title and adopted. Motion carried with McCaulley,
Falcone, Miller and Frew voting aye. Nays: None. Said Ordinance will be posted in the manner
provided by law, with a true, correct and complete copy of the Ordinance being on file in the
City Clerk’s Office.

Revision of city regulations regarding abandoned vehicles was discussed and will continue to be

Motion by Falcone, seconded by Miller to approve the application of Fritz Staack for manager of
the American Legion Post #237. Motion carried with all members of the council voting aye.
An update of permits approved during the month included: Building Permits: G. Nutter-garage;
B. McCaulley-garage addition; Misc Building Permits: G. Nutter-enclose existing patio; J.
Thoms- farm structure. Curb Cut Permit: Roberta Tipton.

Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Frew to approve the appointment of Mitch Miller, Ray
Frew, and Kay Gerdes to serve as representatives for the city on the Board of Directors for the
Weeping Water Community Building Foundation, Inc., and to authorize initial payment of
$5,000 to said organization, which funds were previously allocated from sales tax receipts.
Motion carried with all members of the council voting aye.

Other discussion items included the status of acquiring a new brush/compost disposal site, status of the web site, city codification update, insurance issues for Limestone Days, legislative
updates, information from Sarpy/Cass Dept. of Health, and correspondence received.

Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Falcone to accept the following claims: Salaries-6148.74;
Ameritas, emp ret-615.44; Alltel, util-649.27; Aquila, util-1335.08; Ash Grove Cement Co.,
lease pmt-450.00; Farmers & Merchants Bank, whlg, s/c-1698.64; Kansas State Bank, equip
pmt-770.62; Nebr. Dept. of Revenue, sls tax,whlg-2148.99; OPPD, util-2497.33; Svoboda &
Chebatoris, prof-300.00; United Healthcare, ins-1268.17; Cass County Refuse, reimb-7000.00;
PeopleService, prof-10434.00; Heartland Community Bank, loan int-5637.88; Cass County Little
League, lg fees-700.00; SE Girl’s Softball League, lg fees-280.00; SE Nebr. J. Steinkuhler
League, lg/tourn fees-120.00; J. Aronson, mlg/mtgs-74.77; St. Paul Travelers, ins-3112.00;
Chamber of Commerce, mtg-12.00; Nebr. U.C. Fund, unemp-137.68; Miller Monroe Farrell, ins-
9662.00; Reliable Office Supplies, sup-135.89; The Journal, publ-154.30; Stubbendick
Implement, rep-16.53; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-374.40; Keckler Oil Co., fuel, rep, pstg621.14; Meeske Auto Parts, rep/maint-180.93; Olsson Associates, prof-431.35; Fireguard Inc., equip-821.77; Cass County Sheriff, prof-2711.80; Midwest Vehicle Professionals, rep-73.54;
Dale P. Nielsen Inc., imp-980.50; Lawn Order, maint-1660.64; Collegiate Pacific, imp-976.35;
Jacobson Helgoth, prof/imp-4485.56; Baker & Taylor Books, bks-499.44; The Hearst Co., bks-
24.00; WW Public Library, reimb-40.00; D. Henley, maint-60.00; EMS Billing, reimb-379.00;
Post Office, pstg-78.00; WW Express Lane, fuel-143.84. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

/s/ Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor
/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk