Weeping Water Nebraska
Mayor Howard Stubbendieck called the monthly meeting of the Weeping Water City Council to order at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 8, 2007 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll. Bob McCaulley, Melody Falcone, Mitch Miller and Ray Frew. Absent: None. Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the October 4, 2007 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal. The location of the posting of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act was announced by the Mayor. Minutes of the September 10, 2007 meeting were approved as written.

No one was present for the Open Forum, but a letter received from Leona Andes regarding animal control issues was addressed with the Council agreeing to pursue a response to the requested issues. Also under open forum, concerns expressed in regard to the recently adopted Ordinance No. 564 were addressed. A motion was made by Falcone to amend said Ordinance, which motion was later withdrawn. It was mutually agreed by the Council to authorize the City Attorney to prepare appropriate revisions to Ordinance No. 564, which would amend the prohibition of the use of skateboards, scooters and other unpowered vehicles to be operated upon the streets, alleys or sidewalks in the city to include the terms “in the business district of the city”. The City Attorney advised that terms of the Ordinance did not include bicycles. An amended ordinance reflecting said issues will be presented for consideration at the November 2007 meeting.

The Monthly Rescue squad report was presented by Chuck Cook, noting 11 calls during the month resulting in 61man hours. Issues addressed included upcoming proposed legislation and flu vaccinations. Motion by Falcone, seconded by Miller to approve payment of costs for flu vaccinations for all active Rescue Squad members. Motion carried unanimously.

The Monthly Police Activity Report was presented for Council review, noting 180 hours patrolled during the month which resulted in 21 calls of service with 6 citations and 7 warnings being issued.

The Monthly Fire Report and the requested report of disciplinary action for a member of the department were not available at the meeting. Motion by Miller, seconded by Falcone to deny the Fire Department application of Zackary Coon. Motion carried unanimously.

No Monthly Water/Wastewater Report was available, but a letter of rate adjustment in accordance with the PeopleService Operations and Maintenance Agreement was presented for Council review, after which a motion was made by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to approve the requested CPI-U increase of 2.4%. Motion carried unanimously, but it was noted that other avenues of operation and maintenance of the water/wastewater facilities are being pursued.

The Monthly Maintenance Report was presented by Rob Bauers in which the following issues were addressed: City Officials need to pursue an adequate location for temporary storage of asphalt millings prior to commencement of proposed street repairs, community assessment of trees in need of trimming has been completed by the Street Committee and letters will be sent out to the residents on the list, relocation of the sand volleyball court and the horseshoe court is being pursued, and it was agreed to take care of the costs to perform broadcast seeding of the football field and request that the school pay for the seed.

In regard to a report of Monthly Health Board concerns, previously addressed properties were assessed, most of which showed considerable improvements. A motion was made, however, by McCaulley, and seconded by Frew to adopt Resolution No. 07-11, which declares the property at 602 South Commercial Street as a public nuisance and authorizes remedy of the same. Motion carried with McCaulley, Falcone, Miller and Frew voting aye. Nays: None. Property conditions of vacant buildings on Eldora Avenue were addressed and will be pursued by the City Attorney.

Ben Day of Olsson Associates provided a report of City Engineering services, which included the following: an update on progress with the Gospel Hill Paving Project with a motion being made by Falcone, seconded by Miller to approve the proposed Professional Services Agreement with Olsson Associates for said project. Motion carried unanimously; work is progressing on the abutment design for the City Lake Bridge; notification has been received that all of the necessary documentation has been submitted in regard to the Weeping Water Trail Project and it is anticipated that the final review of the project documents should be completed within the next week, after which time ad approval for the project will be issued; discussion ensued regarding bridge conditions in the city limits, which will continue to be monitored. A draft of the proposed Wastewater Disinfection Study was presented for Council review and will continue to be pursued in order to comply with new NPDES permit limits.

Consideration of posting of stop signs at the intersections of Mulberry and East Park Streets was denied as it was deemed unfeasible.

Action on the uncompleted street repairs, acquisition of a brush/compost site, the proposed pit bull ban, and renewal of the Cass County Renegades contract were discussed and tabled for further review.

Following an assessment of the completion of a survey of High Street, it was agreed to pursue closing a portion of said street from Eldora Avenue to the north edge of the Pinkerton property. It was further agreed to pursue the closing of the east west alley between High Street and Adams Street and the south one-half of the north south alley all in Block 5, Adams Addition. The Clerk was advised to notify affected property owners of the proposed actions to be considered at the November, 2007 meeting.

The Clerk advised that the distribution of the Community Attitude Surveys should be completed at the end of the week and will then be forwarded to SENDD for tabulation of the same.

Motion by Miller, seconded by McCaulley to adopt Resolution No. 07-10, which relates to proper reimbursement for financing proposed street improvement projects. Motion carried with McCaulley, Falcone, Miller and Frew voting aye. Nays: None.

Motion by Falcone, seconded by Miller to approve the Chamber of Commerce’s request for a Special Designated Liquor Permit for a wine and microbrew tasting event during the Come Home For the Holidays celebration, with said event to be held on Friday evening, November 30th, 2007. Ayes: Falcone and Miller. Nays: Frew and McCaulley. Said request was approved upon the tie breaking vote by the Mayor.

Motion by McCaulley seconded by Falcone to approve the proposal for the purchase of new playground equipment for the ball field and additional playground equipment for the city lake area. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Falcone, seconded by Frew to approve the proposal for City Hall Sign replacement from Sign and Screen Design. Motion carried unanimously.

Plans for extending the area of a designated Emergency Snow Route were discussed with the Street Committee agreeing to provide recommendations for the same at the November meeting.

Other options for transport of the paper trailer were addressed and will continue to be pursued.

Motion by Miller seconded by McCaulley to approve the proposed replacements to the Board of Directors of the Weeping Water Community Building Foundation, as recommended by the existing Board. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Falcone that the trespassing signs that were posted at the city lake campground will not be replaced. Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes of various Boards/Committees and correspondence received were presented for Council review.

Motion by Falcone, seconded by Miller to accept the following claims: Salaries-7478.99; Aflac, emp ben-26.62; Alltel, util-88.24; Ameritas, emp ben-726.10; Moosman Bridge, cap imp pmt-6750.00; Aquila, util-181.33; Farmers & Merchants Bank, whlg-2007.18; Wt, SW and Resc CD purchases-26,500.00; Kansas State Bank, equip pmt-770.62; Nebr. Dept. of Revenue-sales tx, whlg-2083.52; OPPD, util-4087.13; Svoboda & Chebatoris, prof-1175.00; United Healthcare, ins-1559.04; Windstream, util-499.29; Pool loan pmt-20,000.00; PeopleServcie, prof-10,862.00; Cass County Refuse, reimb-7800.00; Nebr. Dept of Ag, lic fees-150.00; Nebr. Munic Clerk’s Assoc., prof-25.00; NSFVA, prof-330.00; Banyon Date Systems, prof-2310.00; Great Plains One Call, serv-18.18; Nicole. Tuxhorn, wt dep ref-43.48; Olsson Associates, prof-240.61; Rishel & Pfeifer, prof-600.00; IIMC, dues-115.00; Julie Donham, animal control-575.32; Morgan Pet Clinic, serv-120.00; Miller Monroe Farrell, ins-100.00; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-504.55; Meeske Auto Parts, rep-101.05; Stop N Shop, fuel-30.81; Concrete Industries, st rep-298.94; Frenzel Trenching, rep/maint-347.50; Marquette Bank, fire trk pmt-31,156.25; Cass County Sheriff, prof-2711.80; Linweld, sup-34.30; Lincoln Fire & Rescue, ALS reimb-169.40; Allmed, sup-192.14; Jerry McKinstry, maint-450.00; Sign & Screen Design, sup-18.00; Dean Henley, maint-80.00; Consumer Report, bks-26.00; Reminisce, bks-19.98; Taste of Home, bks-18.00; Hearst Corp., bks-24.97; Xerox Corp., maint-119.28; Baker & Taylor Books, bks-339.94; Better Homes & Gardens, bks-22.00; Chamber of Commerce, mtg-12.00; Nebr. UC Fund, unemp-80.25; EMS Billing, reimb-607.41; Chuck Cook, mlg-40.74; Plattsmouth Journal, publ-229.69; Fleet Services, fuel-246.05. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

/s/ Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor

/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk