Weeping Water Nebraska

OCTOBER 12, 2009

    Mayor Howard Stubbendieck called the monthly meeting of the Weeping Water City Council to order at 6:00 p.m., on October 12, 2009 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll:  Bob McCaulley, Melody Falcone, Mitch Miller and Ray Frew.  Absent:  None.  Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the October 8, 2009 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal.  The posted location of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act was noted by the Mayor.
    Copies of the Monthly Rescue Squad Activity Report were distributed for Council review, noting that there were 6 rescue calls during the month resulting in a total of 20.6 man hours.  No Fire Department Report was available.  Bruce Sorensen presented the Water/Wastewater Report, noting that the results of the third quarter nitrate sampling showed a decrease from the previous quarter.  It was noted that separate nitrate samples were taken off of each well earlier in the month in order to provide monitoring records on each well.  Rob Bauers provided the Maintenance Report, noting various departmental activities and preparations that have been made for the upcoming winter season.  Previously addressed Health Board issues were discussed and will continue to be monitored.  The City Attorney was authorized to pursue the necessary measures on the property located at 405 West O Street to assure compliance with city regulations.
    Representatives of the Lower Platte South NRD presented results of the Nitrate Verification Study for Otoe Rural Water District No. 3 and Weeping Water Combined Community Water System Protection Areas, which was submitted by EA Engineering Science and Technology, Inc.  It was noted that the purpose of the study was to determine the widespread problem of identifying the source and extent of elevated nitrate levels in the specified area.  Following review of the information presented, it was agreed by Lower Platte South NRD officials to work with city officials to continue monitoring and control efforts.   
    The possibility of connecting the Wabash Trail to the Weeping Water area was suggested by representatives of Lower Platte South NRD, which met with favorable council approval.
    The Monthly Police Activity Report was presented for council review, noting that there were 168 hours patrolled during the month, resulting in 21 calls of services with 2 citations and 9 warnings being issued.  Various areas of concern were addressed, which included curfew violations, handling of complaints, ATV usage, and the viability of the current law enforcement contract.
    Motion by Falcone, seconded by McCaulley to approve the City Engineer’s recommendation to award the contract for the Gospel Run Bank Stabilization Project to the low bidder, Judds Brothers Construction Company in the amount of $113,424.00.  Motion carried unanimously.
    Motion by Frew, seconded by Miller to approve the final pay request to General Excavating for the Wastewater Treatment Plant UV Disinfection improvements in the amount of $16,803.89.  Motion carried unanimously.
    Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Falcone to approve SENDD Billing Statements #11-17 for administrative expenses incurred with CDBG#07-PW-020, and to approve Drawdown #3, which requests CDBG funds for the same from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.  Motion carried unanimously.
    An update was provided regarding the pending grant application for the Water Supply and Treatment Study.
    It was agreed to schedule a public hearing prior to the November City Council meeting on November 9, 2009 to allow for public input regarding funds available through a grant application for a drainage system study.
    Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to update the Personnel Policy to include stipulations for full time employees to receive bereavement pay. Motion carried unanimously.
    Motion by Miller, seconded by Falcone to approve the Mayor’s recommendation to appoint Leona Andes to the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment, to fill the vacancy created by Mike Spohr’s resignation. Motion carried with McCaulley, Falcone and Miller voting aye.  Nays:  Frew.  Action on filling a vacancy on the Economic Development Committee was tabled to allow the Mayor to obtain a confirmation from an interested party.  It was agreed to maintain the City Lake Committee and the City Trail Committee and to prepare responsibility guidelines for said committees.
    In regard to delinquent Reuse Loans, the  City Attorney was authorized to commence with foreclosure proceedings on Reuse Loan #86-ED-013-17.  Members of the Council were updated on other pending litigation on Reuse Loan #86-ED-013-16.
    Copies of the Library Minutes and the Fiscal Year End Library Report were presented for Council review.
    In regard to a pending request for a Small Tract Subdivision Permit requested by Scott Shannon, it was agreed to schedule a public hearing for the same at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, October 23, 2009 at City Hall.
    Information received from the Cass County Department of Roads regarding results of a recent load rating review on all bridges in Cass County was presented for Council review, noting that measures would be taken to correct the appropriate signage as requested on the South East Street Bridge.   
    Motion by Falcone, seconded by Miller to accept the following claims:  Salaries-8733.62; Aflac, emp ben-26.62; Alltel, util-118.97; Ameritas, emp ben-1034.79; Black Hills Energy, util-163.28; Cornerstone Energy, util-11.49; Farmers & Merchants Bank, whlg, box rent, loan pmts-58513.74; Heartland Community Bank, loan pmt-20000.00;
Kansas State Bank, equip pmt-770.62; Nebr. Dept. of Revenue, whlg-300.62; OPPD, util-3955.56; Svoboda & Chebatoris, prof-300.00; United Healthcare, ins-3488.99; Windstream, util-539.98; Cass County Refuse, reimb-10687.50; Post Office, pstg-200.00; PeopleService, prof-11746.00; Nebr. U.C. Fund, unemp-140.32; Baburek Computer Service, prof-80.00; Miller Monroe Farrell, ins-2076.00; Columbus Telegram, publ-201.86; K. Gerdes, pstg reimb-13.32; Rishel & Pfeifer, prof-1500.00; Chamber of Commerce, mtg-12.00; J&M Masonry, st imp-8934.00; Stop N Shop, fuel-334.45; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-613.09; NMC Exchange, rep-668.76; Meeske Auto Parts, rep-29.18; Keckler Oil Co., rep-39.15; Olsson Associates, prof-9300.64; R. McCaulley, rep-16.00; Banyon Data Systems, prof-2310.00; General Excavating, cap imp-46076.96; Dale P. Nielsen, Inc., rep-77.61; Great Plains One Call, serv-16.99; Marquette Bank, equip pmt-31156.25; Air Power of Nebraska, equip-548.08; Cass County Sheriff, prof-2711.80; EMS Billing, reimb-289.72; D. Houchin, reimb-116.30; BCI Containers, maint-130.00; Kerns Excavating, maint-200.00; United Seeds Inc., maint-450.00; Taste of Home, bks-23.94; D. Henley, maint-75.00; Baker & Taylor Co., bks-811.88; D. Hall, humane officer-1060.06; Fleet Services, fuel-76.43; Ron’s Masonry & Stone, cap imp pmt-15033.33; Allmed, sup-857.39; SENDD, adm exp-1960.06; WW Medical Center, serv-160.88; Reliable, off sup-158.61; B&R Wallrock, maint-337.50.  Motion carried with Falcone, Miller and Frew voting aye.  Nays:  None.  Abstain:  McCaulley, due to conflict of interest.
    Motion by Miller, seconded by Falcone to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously

/s/ Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor
/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk