Weeping Water Nebraska

JUNE 14, 2010

Mayor Howard Stubbendieck called the monthly meeting of the Weeping Water City Council to order at 6:00 p.m. on June 14, 2010 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll: Bob McCaulley, Ray Frew and Mitch Miller. Absent: None. Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the June 10, 2010 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal. The posted location of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act was noted by the Mayor. Minutes of the May 10, 2010 meeting and May 17, 2010 public hearing/special meetings were approved as presented.
The Mayor recommended the appointment of Kelly Jo Nutter to fill the City Council vacancy created by the resignation of Melody Falcone. Motion by Miller, seconded by Frew to approve said appointment. Motion carried with McCaulley, Frew and Miller voting aye. The Mayor then administered the Oath Office to the newly appointed council member.
The following Monthly Reports were presented: Fire/Rescue-10 rescue calls were made during the month resulting in a total of 55 man hours. No Fire Report was available. Police Report-175 hours patrolled with 30 calls of service, resulting in 3 citations and 19 warnings being issued. Water/Wastewater Report- Bruce Sorensen provided a list of various operational and maintenance activities performed during the month and noted that recent water testing results showed a decrease in the nitrate level. Concern was expressed over the amount of water that is being pumped daily, which will continue to be researched. It was noted that measures are being taken to install proper vent piping on the UV Disinfection System, after which it was determined by NDEQ and Olsson Associates that the system was air locked. Maintenance Report-in addition to routine monthly maintenance activities, it was noted that various unpaved streets have been graded and city wide street sweeping has been completed. It was agreed to proceed with the painting of parking lines on Eldora Avenue in the Business District and to paint the center lines on the curves of North Elm and "F" Street provided the bid that is received for the same during the next few weeks is comparable to previous years. Health Board-following an update on the Thomas property along Garfield Street, a motion was made by McCaulley, seconded by Frew to authorize the City Attorney to begin the abatement procedure on said property. Motion carried unanimously. It was noted that appropriate measures will be taken to assure that mowing and/or maintenance of various other properties will be pursued, as needed.
As the Gospel Run Bank Stabilization Project is now substantially completed, a motion was made by Frew, seconded by McCaulley to approve Pay Request No. 4 in the amount of $10,457.06, which includes work completed to date minus a 5% retainage. Motion carried unanimously. It was noted that the final pay application to release the retainage will be processed once the planting of trees along Commercial Street and adequate replacement of rock along Randolph and "E" Street is completed. It was agreed to forward a letter to Lower Platte South Natural Resource District's Community Assistance Program Funds for reimbursement funding, which was previously approved in the amount of 50% of the total project costs.
Following discussion regarding possible revision of the Campground Regulations, a motion was made by Frew, seconded by Miller that campers must be relocated to another camp site following occupancy of 21 days to allow for adequate park maintenance. Motion carried unanimously.
Proposals from USW Utility Group and PeopleService for the operation and maintenance of the City Water/Wastewater systems were presented for review. Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Frew to enter into executive session at 7:15 p.m. for the purpose of contract negotiations. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to come out of executive session at 7:40 p.m. Motion carried unanimously
Motion by Miller, seconded by Frew to tentative approve the PeopleService contract proposal pending the outcome of a meeting with the Mayor, City Council representatives and PeopleService representatives, to be scheduled prior to the end of the month. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Nutter to approve the proposal of Jerry McKinstry to trim trees around the swimming pool, at a cost not to exceed $950. Motion carried unanimously.
The City Attorney was authorized to proceed with the preparation of a new ordinance clarifying current regulations regarding cats, to be presented for adoption at the July meeting.
A letter received from FEMA notifying of the final flood elevation determination for the City of Weeping Water was presented for council review. It was noted that the new Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) will become effective on November 26, 2010 and that the city will need to update current floodplain regulations to meet the National Flood Insurance Program standards prior to said date.
Motion by Frew, seconded by Miller to approve silver membership renewal with the Scenic Weeping Water Valley Association, with annual dues being $100. Motion carried unanimously.
In regard to CDBG#07-PW-020, a motion was made by Miller, seconded by McCaulley to approve Drawdown #7 in the amount of $12,787, Drawdown #8 in the amount of $3,825 and the Certificate of Substantial Completion, subject to satisfactory completion of the punch list items. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Frew to request approval of an extension of the completion date from June 10, 2010 to December 10, 2010, to allow adequate time to accomplish additional activities and to allow for project close out activities. Motion carried unanimously.
The feasibility of the new County recycling trailer was discussed and will continue to be evaluated.
It was agreed to update the City Boards/Committees to reflect the replacement of positions previously held by Melody Falcone with the new City Council member, Kelly Jo Nutter.
Preliminary budget preparations were addressed and will continue to be pursued.
Library Board Minutes were presented for Council review, after which a motion was made by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to accept the following claims: Salaries-10,547.85; Ameritas, emp ben-1,104.88; Black Hills Energy, util-189.09; Constellation New Energy, util-68.04; Farmers & Merchants Bank, whlg, s/c-2,822.92; Kansas State Bank, equip pmt-770.62; Nebr. Dept. Of Revenue, sales tax, whlg-1,494.41; D. Hall, animal control-965.45; Judds Bros, Cap imp pmt-27,031.43; McGill Restorations, pool imp-9,695.00; Midwest Coatings, st imp-16,500.00; OPPD, util-3,235.13; Svoboda & Chebatoris, prof-676.00; United Healthcare, ins-3,833.83; Verizon, util-123.23; Windstream, util-2,992.57; PeopleService, prof-11,499.00; Cass County Refuse, reimb-10,757.75; Post Office, pstg-200.00; CDBG advance/matching funds-28,326.15; Reuse Loan-35,000; Opening Cash, pool-75.00; Paving Bond pmt-24,937.50; Print Like Flint, ball equip-399.45; Umpire Fees: A. Schneider-150.00; C. Bauers-40.00; R. Fletcher-240.00; W. Wilson-45.00; M. Wilson-385.00; WW Foods, rep/maint-34.20; Mr. Landscape, maint-46.76; Heartland Machine & Welding, imp-1,300.0; Baburek Computer Service, prof-330.00; Columbus telegram, publ-330.00; Reliable, off sup-285.28; K. Gerdes, mlg, sup reimb-132.14; Chamber of Commerce, mtg-12.00; Fleet Service, fuel-274.04; Stop N Shop, fuel, sup-773.28; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-1,482.59; Meeske Auto Parts, rep/maint-303.23; Hoss's Lawn Care, maint-350.00; Olsson Associates, prof-972.95; Cass County Sheriff, prof-2,711.80; Papillion Fire/Rescue, reimb-76.00; Linweld, sup-161.92; Community Memorial Hospital, vac-268.00; Shaffer Communications, rep/maint-94.35; EMS Billing, reimb-369.91; Cass County Abstracting, prof-75.00; Plattsmouth Ready Mix, imp572.85; Dale Nielsen, Inc., imp, sup-1,574.88; Creative Edge Graphics, signs-45.00; R. Hanson, reimb-50.00; Lincoln Commercial Pool Equipment, maint-307.17; Aqua Chem, sup-847.04; Watkins, sup-168.00; Hauff Sports, sup-329.75; C. Heath, sup reimb-48.10; Kerns Excavating, maint-200.00; Lawn Order, maint-282.00; Baker & Taylor Co., bks-626.89; Roto Snake, rep-98.00; Fireguard, rep/maint-85.24; Allmed, sup-88.91; Heiman Fire Equipment, equip-155.34; WW Fire Dept., trng reimb-275.98; Great Plains One Call, serv-13.10; J. Massoth, dep refund-19.18; Banyon Data Systems, prof-195.00; Business Forms & Accounting, off sup-83.22; C. Bailey, reimb-50.00. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Nutter, seconded by McCaulley to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

/s/ Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor
/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk