Weeping Water Nebraska




MAY 9, 2011

Mayor Howard Stubbendieck opened the public hearing at 5:45 p.m. on May 9, 2011 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll.  Bob McCaulley, Ray Frew, Kelly Nutter, and Mitch Miller.  Absent:  None.  The purpose of the public hearing was to consider action on a request for a Small Tract Subdivision, requested by Gary and Linda Gilmore.

Notice of the public hearing and monthly meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the April 28, 2011 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal.

Members of the Council reviewed the information presented regarding the proposed small tract subdivision.  There being no public objection, the public hearing was closed and the regular monthly meeting was opened with all members of the Council answering roll.  The Mayor announced the posted location of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act.  Minutes of the April 11, 2011 meeting were approved as presented.

Based on the recommendation of the Planning Board, a motion was made by Nutter, seconded by Miller to adopt Resolution No. 11-05, which approves an administrative subdivision, being a replat of Lot 1, (replatted), of the Rehmeier Subdivision-Replat II, located in the SE ¼ of the SE¼ of Section 26-T11N-R11E of the 6th P.M., Cass County, Nebraska, to be known as the “Rehmeier Subdivision-Replat III”.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Miller, seconded by Frew to approve an amendment to the Contract for operation of the Ball Field Concession Stand, which would allow a two year extension for the existing lessees to operate the Concession Stand and would specify that said lessees be the sole food vendor at the Ball Park for the regular baseball/softball seasons.  Motion carried unanimously.  It was also agreed that the City would pursue the construction of screen enclosures on the Concession Stand in order to comply with State Health Regulations.

Copies of the Monthly Water/Wastewater Report were distributed for Council review.  A considerable amount of time was spent discussing the ongoing water nitrate issues. It was noted that all water customers were provided notice by mail that due to high water volume requirements, well No. 2 will be put back in service on May 16, 2011, which will again put the City in non-compliance with the DHHS drinking water standards for nitrates, and that bottled water will be provided, upon request, for pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants under six months of age.

Ben Day of Olsson Associates explained the scope of services that would be provided in the Nitrate Removal Preliminary Engineering Report, after which a motion was made by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to approve the Agreement For Professional Services with Olsson Associates for completion of said report.  Motion carried unanimously.

No Monthly Fire or Rescue Report was available.  Rob Bauers provided information regarding monthly maintenance activity, which included pool and park improvements that have been completed.  Motion by Frew, seconded by Nutter to approve the re-seeding of the center of the football field, as recommended by Lawn Order, with costs for the same to be divided equally between the city and the school. Motion carried unanimously.  As efforts to clean out the storm drain and culvert near Garfield and River Street are nearing completion, a motion was made by Frew and seconded by Miller to apply rock to restore a low water crossing for the property owner.  Motion carried unanimously.  An update on Health Board concerns was provided, with the City Attorney being advised to send a reminder letter regarding the deadline for cleaning up the Yard property, and to pursue the necessary measures to address concerns with the Thomas property.

The possibility of providing curbside pickup of recyclable products, in addition to the standard garbage collection was discussed with Doug Johns of Cass County Refuse and Craig Gubbels of First Star Fiber and will continue to be pursued.  It was suggested to set up a booth during Limestone Days to promote said venture.

As other feasible options for recycling the brush pile on West P Street are currently being pursued, a motion was made by Miller and seconded by McCaulley to rescind the previous motion of charging everyone to use the brush/compost site and only charge contractors or non-residents $10.00 per pickup load and $25.00 per truck load.  Motion carried unanimously.

Copies of a letter prepared by the City Attorney, which outlines the proper procedures to be followed for handling ordinance infractions, were distributed for Council review.

An update was provided on the status of the water meter replacement program that consists of approximately 29 remaining meter pits, which will continue to be pursued, as time allows.

The City Attorney provided an update on the process for handling the pending Vontz Reuse Loan.

Information received regarding proposed County Agri-Tourism Zoning issues was presented for Council review, with no action being taken.

Complaints/Concerns addressed and actions taken included the following: 1.-Erosion concerns on a portion of North Commercial Street.  Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to furnish access to the Gas Company to relocate an exposed gas line and provide necessary street replacement, with the City agreeing to pay for costs to replace the concrete curbing as needed.  Motion carried unanimously;  2.-Drainage concerns south of Chicago and J Street- no action taken; 3.-Request for closure of alley north of M Street between South East Street and South Elm Street or appropriate maintenance of the same-no action taken; 4.-request for closure of portion of North Randolph Street between G and F Streets, or appropriate maintenance of the same,  with the City agreeing to trim some of the brush and grade said street, as time allows; 5.-unpaved street maintenance, which is pending availability of appropriate contractor; 6.-safety concerns with parked vehicles, with no action being taken; 7.-property maintenance on Barnett Street, which has been completed; 8.-water drainage concerns on property located on North Adams Street, with action tabled for further review; and 9.-barking dog complaints, which will be referred to the Humane Officer.

Members of the Council were advised of an upcoming Tree Risk Assessment Workshop that will be held in Weeping Water, the Annual CCNEDC Meeting, and various other correspondence.

Recent Building Permit Activity included the following:  DR Anderson (PCS Phosphate)-Maintenance Garage; Pat Idler-Garage/Breezeway; Roy Goracke-Garage; Miscellaneous Building Permit activity included the following:  Von Oliver-Accessory Building; Angela Curtis-privacy fence.

The Clerk reminded the Council of the need to begin preliminary budget preparations.

Motion by Miller, seconded by McCaulley to approve the following claims:  Salaries-9,326.13; Aflac, emp ben-26.62; Ameritas, emp ret-1,137.13; EFTPS, emp whlg-2,543.78; Utilities: Black Hills Energy-857.78; OPPD-3,173.30; Verizon-122.31; Windstream-864.47; Nebr. Dept. of Revenue, whlg, sales tax-1,563.68; Green Thumb, LLC, cap imp-32,608.43; United Healthcare, ins-5,384.36; Svoboda & Chebatoris, prof-800.50; Cass County Refuse, reimb-10,512.92; PeopleService, prof-11,911.00; Post Office, pstg-732.51; Reuse Loan-10,000; Water Bond pmt-26,112.50; Farmers & Merchants Bank, wire fees-30.00; WWCBF, sales tax alloc-30,000.00; Cass County Little League, lge fees-500.00; D. Hall, animal control-2,209.72; K. Baxter, reimb-25.00; WW Super Foods-62.16; K. Gerdes, pstg reimb-46.20; Miller Monroe Farrell, ins pmt-4,471.00; Chamber of Commerce, mtg-12.00; Columbus Telegram, publ-411.69; Judds Bros Construction, cap imp-766.80; Meeske Auto Parts, rep-307.49; Keckler Oil Co., rep-64.26; Martin Marietta, sup-1,856.16; Copple Chevrolet, rep-408.27; Kerford Limestone, sup-987.84; Matheson Tri-Gas, sup-89.30; S. Bickford, trng reimb-50.00; Lou’s Sporting Goods, sup-142.65; Roto Snake, rep-95.00; AmSan, sup-665.89; Bauers Trucking, maint-490.87; Larry Sorensen, maint-697.62; Baker & Taylor Co., bks-704.65; Reliable, off sup-116.34; WW Public Library, st aid reimb-734.00; Kerns Excavating, maint-430.00; Great Plains One Call, serv-16.64; Olsson Associates, prof-1,086.23; Fleet Services, fuel-647.18; Johnny On The Spot, maint-70.77; C. Heath, sup reimb-276,.58; Hauff Sports, sup-141.50; EMS Billing, reimb-529.47; Stop N Shop, fuel-595.47; General Fire & Safety, maint-240.00; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-1,162.46.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Nutter to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.


/s/ Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor

/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk