Weeping Water Nebraska






APRIL 9, 2012


            Mayor Howard Stubbendieck opened the public hearing at 6:00 p.m., on April 9, 2012 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll: Bob McCaulley, Ray Frew, Kelly Nutter and Mitch Miller. Absent: None. The posted location of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act was noted by the Mayor. The purpose of the public hearing was to consider action on the Reuse Loan Application of Matthew Neumann.

            Notice of the public hearing and regular monthly meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the March 29, 2012 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal, as well as being posted in three public places in the City on said date.

            Members of the Council reviewed the information presented regarding the Reuse Loan application. There being no public objection, the public hearing was closed and the regular monthly meeting was opened with all members of the council answering roll.

            Based on the recommendation of the Reuse Committee, a motion was made by Miller, seconded by McCaulley to approve the proposed Reuse Loan Application. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Miller, seconded by Frew to adopt Resolution No. 12-06, which approves the application of Matthew Neumann, for the use of a maximum of $25,000 of program income from the City Community Development Reuse Funds for the purchase and renovation of property in Weeping Water to expand an existing business. Motion carried unanimously.

            Under Open Forum, Janine Cruz discussed and requested clarification of Camp Ground Host responsibilities for the ensuing season.

            Monthly Reports included the following: No Fire Department Report was available; Rescue-6 calls during the month resulting in a total of 32.8 man hours; Water/Wastewater-in addition to routine monthly maintenance, it was noted that bids are being pursued for power washing the exterior of the water reservoir and that the Clerk’s Office has mailed the Quality on Tap Water Reports to all water customer to assure annual compliance with the State Department of Health regulations; Maintenance Report- in addition to routine maintenance activities, it was noted the lawn equipment purchased has been delivered and is in operation; Health Board-no new activities were reported, but it was noted that properties with tall grass will be monitored and pursued as needed. In regard to concerns with tires/debris piled on a portion of an open alley, a motion was made by Frew, seconded by Miller to notify the property owner of the need to remove the tires, which are creating a health hazard. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Frew to waive the water/sewer tapping fees for all new residential construction as an incentive to promote housing development. Motion carried unanimously.

            In regard to the Fire Department Station Wagon, a motion was made by McCaulley, seconded by Nutter that due to the age of the vehicle, no further service work be done on said vehicle without pre authorization. Motion carried unanimously.

            The City Attorney was advised to proceed with the necessary procedures to obtain compensation for repairs to the bridge railing that was damaged by a trucking firm.

            Following review of bids received for the purchase of city lawn equipment, which has been declared as excess property, a motion was made by Nutter, seconded by McCaulley to reject all bids received for the Cub Cadet Garden Tractor, and to accept the bid of Jeremiah Macke for the purchase of the Yard Man Lawn Mower for $150. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Miller, seconded by Nutter to approve the following seasonal employment positions: Ron Taylor, Cemetery Maintenance-$9.00 per hour; Greg Frenzel, Park Maintenance-$7.75 per hour and Andrew Dehne, Park Maintenance-$7.50 per hour. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Frew, seconded by Miller to approve the Street Sweeping Bid of B&W Co., Inc., to clean all city streets at a cost not to exceed $3,200.00. It was further moved that those blowing grass or other debris onto city streets be sent a letter advising of littering regulations and potential penalties for the same. Motion carried with Frew and Miller voting aye: Nays: McCaulley, Abstain: Nutter.

            It was noted that since the new emergency sirens are now in operation, measures should be taken to disconnect the power and seek a reputable firm to dismantle the old sirens.

            Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to approve the proposal of Mid America Pest Control to treat the entire interior of the Auditorium Building with insecticide twice a year at a cost of $145. Motion carried unanimously.

            A copy of the Library Board Minutes was presented for council review. Information regarding the Bernbech petition and the Lowe’s Keep America Beautiful Grant was discussed and will be pursued appropriately.

            Motion by Miller, seconded by McCaulley to approve the following claims: Salaries-10,136.24; Ameritas, emp ben-1,164.03; Ash Grove Cement Co., lease pmt-10.00; Utilities: Black Hills Energy-1,000.67; OPPD-3,485.86; Windstream-834.09; Verizon-127.33; Blue Cross/Blue Shield, ins-3,279.45; D. Hall, Animal Cont-1,904.58; EFTPS, emp whlg-2,617.20; Nebr. Dept. of Rev., sales tx, whlg-1,553.14; United Healthcare, ins-205.33; Svoboda, Chebatoris, prof-300.00; WireBuilt, prof-150.00; Creative Edge Graphics, off sup-96.14; Miller Monroe Farrell, ins pmt-5,154.00; Wessels Bros Storage, rent-60.00; Columbus Telegram, publ-99.44; Plattsmouth Journal, subsc-39.50; Cassgram, adv-27.00; Chamber of Commerce, mtg-12.00; SE Girls SB League, league fees-20.00; Wright Express, fuel-183.95; Hotsy Equipment, sup-88.52; Stubbendick Implement, rep-238.25; Stop N Shop, fuel, sup-540.03; Meeske Hareware, rep/maint-813.91; Meeske Auto Parts, rep-208.25; Bruce Lawson Trucking, maint-197.16; Nielsen Fertilizer, sup-214.80; Olsson Associates, prof-878.97; NMC Exchange, rep-130.26; Nebraska Emergency Equipment, rep-2,107.00; Keckler Oil Co., rep-529.13; EMS Billing, reimb-247.69; Matheson Tri Gas, sup-88.6l; Dale Nielsen Inc., rep-166.55; Nebr. U.C. Fund, unemp tx-524.23; Cass County Little League, league fees-625.00; Smart Apple Media, bks-120.01; Baker & Taylor Co. bks-501.55; SE Clerk’s Association, prof-10.00; Chad Heath, ball sup reimb-988.48; Great Plains One Call, serv-24.95; HD WaterWorks, sup-129.17; Medicare, reimb-226.23. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Miller to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.


/s/Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor

/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk