Weeping Water Nebraska





JUNE 11, 2012



            Mayor Howard Stubbendieck called the monthly meeting of the Weeping Water City Council to order at 6:00 p.m., on June 11, 2012 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll: Bob McCaulley, Ray Frew, Kelly Nutter and Mitch Miller. Absent: None. Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the June 7, 2012 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal. The posted location of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act was noted by the Mayor. Minutes of the May 14, 2012 meeting were approved as presented.

            Monthly Reports included the following: No Fire Department Activity Report was available, but a motion was made by Miller, seconded by Nutter to approve the recommended application of Thomas Vodicka to join the Fire Department. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Frew, seconded by McCaulley to share the costs with the Rural Fire Board for mileage, registration, lodging, and equipment expenses for David Stander to attend Fire School, with the city’s share being $329.49. Motion carried unanimously. No Rescue Squad activity report was available, but Rescue Chief, Melissa Cave discussed and requested the Council’s input on the continued problem with a shortage of Rescue personnel. Bruce Sorensen presented the Monthly Water/Wastewater Report and noted that the recent results of the special nitrate sampling were all in compliance. Rob Bauers presented the Maintenance Report and addressed the following issues, all of which were tabled for further review: replacing the tube between the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the track field with a walkway bridge; replacing the l988 Chevy Pickup; and unpaved street maintenance. The Health Board Report noted that the City Attorney mailed three notices out to the last known owner of abandoned properties advising of the need to mow said properties. As of the meeting date, mowing and maintenance had been performed on two of the properties. The third notice was returned undeliverable and will be published in the next available edition of The Journal. Becky Thomas provided a Pool Board Report and addressed several issues of concern. Following discussion of the same a motion was made by Frew, seconded by Miller to approve the recommended salaries for pool personnel for the 2012 season which range from $7.25-$7.75 for guards, $9.00 for Assistant Managers and $9.75 for the Manager. Motion carried unanimously.

            Following review of written complaints received, the following actions were taken: Motion by Miller, seconded by McCaulley to instruct the City Attorney to send a letter to the owners of property located in Lot 7 and 8 of Block 49 of the need to address property conditions to ensure that they are in compliance with city codes. Motion carried unanimously.   The Clerk was advised to notify a property owner located in Block 5 of Chase’s Addition that a semi truck cannot be parked in an open alley; blocked vision due to parked cars near the intersection of Eldora Avenue and South Garfield Street will be assessed by the Street Committee and the Maintenance Superintendent to determine a feasible solution; the City Attorney will contact Union Pacific Railroad regarding the need to trim overhanging tree limbs along South Garfield Street, which are currently causing a safety hazard with truck traffic.

            Following assessment of drainage concerns, it was agreed to trench out an appropriate drainage ditch south of Chicago Street.

            As the County Roads Department has advised that the County Commissioners will not rent out their brush grinder/chipper, feasible recycling proposals are still being pursued.

            Members of the Council were reminded of an upcoming Public Hearing scheduled on June 14, 2012 to consider a rezoning request.

            Discussion was held regarding the Corps of Engineer’s Notice on Non-Compliance received on May 15, 2012 regarding the Gospel Run Creek Project, and the Response to said Notice, which was provided by Olsson Associates on June 1, 2012. It was noted that the city will need to pursue the replacement of two Conservation Buffer Easement signs which are missing.

            Following review of compiled information regarding the Community Development Block Grant Revolving Loan Fund Program, a motion was made by McCaulley, seconded by Frew to relinquish all unallocated program income and future payments on loans issued from the Reuse Fund to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, as requested. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Miller, seconded by Nutter to approve the proposal of Pro Tech Electric Services for replacement of the ball field lighting, at a cost of $189,093, to be set up on a five year contract, with costs for the same to be shared equally between the City and the School. Motion carried unanimously.

            Following review of compliance measures taken to satisfy NDEQ’s concerns regarding a recent incident at the Campground, a motion was made by Miller, seconded by Frew to forward the cleanup costs for the same to the responsible party. Motion carried with Miller Nutter and Frew voting aye. Abstain: McCaulley.

            In regard to a situation where an individual has used city stationery without authorization, a motion was made by Nutter, seconded by Miller to have the City Attorney turn the information over to the County Attorney for appropriate action. Motion carried unanimously.

            Deb Wilson’s request for additional cleaning supplies was presented, with no action being taken.

            Correspondence received was presented for Council review, after which, a motion was made by Miller, seconded by Nutter to approve the following claims: Salaries-11,518.25; Ameritas, emp ret-1,174.01; Utilities: Black Hills Energy-187.50; OPPD-3,622.36; Verizon-129.49; Windstream-840.46; Blue Cross Blue Shield, ins-3,279.45; D. Hall, animal cont-500.00; EFTPS, emp whlg-2,936.51; Farmers & Merchants Bank, equip pmt-712.49; Nebr. Dept. of Rev., whlg, sales tax-1,300.64; Sarpy County Landfill, misc fee-30.00; Svoboda & Chebatoris, prof-595.50; United Healthcare, ins-205.33; Cass County Refuse, reimb-10,371.62; Peoples Natural Gas, prof-12,340.00; Post Office, pstg-154.00; Cass County Election Com., elec fees-226.56; Columbus Telegram, publ fees-84.72; Wirebuilt Co., prof-300.00; Big Red Lighting, cap imp-1,690.00; Reliable, off sup-327.69; General Fire & Safety, prof-703.55; Wessels Bros. Storage, misc-60.00; Chamber of Commerce, mtg-6.00; Stop N Shop, fuel, sup-709.51; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-1,306.76; Meeske Auto Parts, rep/maint-512.61; Comm Clean, maint-100.00; Bobcat of Omaha, rep-36.67; Creative Edge Graphics, maint, sup-201.00; Whiz Repair, rep-210.00; Umpire Fees: L. Grafe-50.00; S. Wipf-45.00; B. Lawrence-1,025.00; K. Bennett-50.00; C. Heath-165.00; EMS Billing, reimb-315.00; Matheson Tri-Gas, sup-93.11; WW Express Lane, sup-371.40; J. McKinstry, maint-75.00; Aqua Chem, sup-996.70; Hauff Sporting Goods, ball sup-447.99; AmSan, sup-629.94; Dale P. Nielsen, Inc., rep-48.63; Kerns Excavating, maint-215.00; Park Use Refunds: M. Bauers-40.00, A. Henley-40.00, D. Randall-40.00, K. Bickford-40.00, R. Baier-40.00, S. Mason-40.00; Larry Sorensen Trucking, trkg-181.56; WW Public School, liq lic trans-1,000.00; Wright Express, fuel-183.54; Cass County Abstracting, prof-125.00; Baker & Taylor Co., bks-462.61; Smart Apple Media, bks-123.96; Banyon Data Systems, prof-195.00; Z. Weber, trng reimb-40.00; T. Weber, trng reimb-60.00. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by McCaulley, seconded by Nutter to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.



/s/ Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor

/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk