Weeping Water Nebraska




JUNE 10, 2013


            Mayor Howard Stubbendieck called the monthly meeting of the Weeping Water City Council to order at 6:00 p.m., on June 10, 2013 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll. Ray Frew, Kelly Nutter, and Mitch Miller. Absent: Lawrence Mozena. Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the June 6, 2013 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal. The posted location of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act was noted by the Mayor, and the minutes of the May 13, 2013 meeting were approved as presented.

            Monthly Reports: No Fire or Rescue reports were available at the time of the meeting, but it was noted that Tanya Clark has resigned from the Rescue Squad Ride-a-long Program. Copies of the Water/Wastewater Report and the Maintenance Report were distributed for review and discussion. Health Board updates included concerns with various properties that have not been mowed or maintained, an update on the status of the Behrns property, and scheduling of an inspection of property conditions along West Park Street.

            Motion by Frew, seconded by Nutter to approve the purchase of a five foot bike rack for the Library Parking Lot, with costs for the same to be shared with the Library Board. Motion carried unanimously.

            No updates were available regarding the evaluation of a residential street corner or on the proposed renovations of the Sinclair Station.

            The Clerk provided an update on the recent Lower Platte South Natural Resource District Hazard Mitigation Plan and advised that measures are being taken to assure compliance with all requirements to become eligible for partial federal financing of hazard mitigation projects.

            It was noted that the recycling process of the brush compost site is almost complete and the site should be re-opened to the public within the next few days.

            Motion by Nutter, seconded by Miller to approve the application for a Special Designated Liquor License for Hopkins Tavern to operate a beer garden during Limestone Days from 8:00 a.m., on June 29, 2013 to 1:00 a.m., the following day. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Frew, seconded by Miller to renew the SENDD membership, with dues being $1,575, but to deny the request for the voluntary housing dues. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Frew, seconded by Nutter to authorize the City Attorney to pursue the Railroad Track Maintenance Department regarding improvements needed on the Randolph Street track crossings and on the Randolph Street pedestrian walkway. Motion carried unanimously.

            In regard to the DEQ Air Quality Monitoring Equipment that was removed from the roof of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in order to allow for roof replacement, a motion was made by Nutter, seconded by Frew that said equipment is not to be located on the roof of any city building or on the water reservoir. Motion carried unanimously.

            Following discussion of water system needs, it was agreed to have the City Engineer begin the process of determining a location and cost estimates for a future well site.

            Other items discussed included denying a request for bow fishing at the City Lakes, budget projections, various upcoming meetings, and other correspondence.

            Motion by Miller, seconded by Nutter to approve the following claims: Salaries-10,435.64; Street Bond pmt-21,238.75; Farmers & Merchants Bank, equip pmt, wire fees-742.49; Ameritas, emp ben-1,317.72; BHHC, ins pkg pmt-5,396.66; Utilities: Black Hills Energy-537.60, OPPD-3,649.23, Verizon-116.36, Windstream-732.78; Blue Cross Blue Shield, ins-6,504.57; CLIA Laboratory Program, prof-150.00; Comm Clean, maint-100.00; D. Hall, animal cont-550.00; EFTPS, emp whlg-2,944.71; Nebr. Dept of Revenue, sales tax, whlg, lodging tax-1,662.01; Umpire Fees: Shelby Wipf-235.00, Sloan Mozena-50.00, Wm. Hansen-40.00, Chase Bauers-85.00, Addie Thomas-50.00, Jessie Houston-125.00; Svoboda & Chebatoris, prof-300.00; United Healthcare, ins-315.70; PeopleService, prof-12,340.00; Cass County Refuse, reimb-10,163.62; Post Office, pstg-158.00; WW Super Foods, sup-31.69; WW Public School, liquor lic trans-1,000.00; K. Gerdes, sup/mlg reimb-198.95; B&R Wallrock, maint-300.00; B&W Company Inc., maint-3,000.00; Olsson Associates, prof-128.18; NMC Exchange, rep-700.44; Keckler Oil Co., rep-16.15; Wex Bank, fuel-74.73; Stop N Shop, fuel-1,243.43; Whiz Repair, rep-210.00; Meeske Auto Parts, rep-430.57; Anderson Auto Group,

rep-1,133.97; Matheson Tri Gas, sup-97.36; Aqua Chem, sup-894.04; Premier Plumbing, cap imp-1,560.00; Water Warehouse, sup-89.98; Choice Electric, cap imp-1,445.00; L. Sorensen, trkg-97.14; Print Like Flint, sup-66.00; Fluid Manufacturing, sup-353.04; Dale Nielsen Inc., rep-87.23; One Call Concepts, serv-11.80; Banyon Data Systems, prof-295.00; Cougar Softball, tourn fee-100.00; Lou’s Sporting Goods, sup-72.40; BSN Sports, sup-95.97; Chad Heath, sup reimb-323.03; Kerns Excavating, maint-215.00; Hauff Sports, sup-61.90; Wessels Bros Storage, maint-60.00; Smart Apple Media, bks-158.74; Reliable, off sup-114.19; Baker & Taylor Co., bks-1,216.98; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-1,324.07; Kerford Limestone, rep-469.51; Roofers Inc., cap imp-3,000.00; Columbus Telegram, publ-64.47; Creative Edge Graphics, sup-48.00; EMS Billing, reimb-227.88; Nielsen Fertilizer, sup-146.00; WW Express Lane, sup-191.00; Wirebuilt, prof-150.00. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Nutter, seconded by Miller to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.



/s/ Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor

/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk