Weeping Water Nebraska





JUNE 9, 2014



            Mayor Howard Stubbendieck called the monthly meeting of the Weeping Water City Council to order at 6:00 p.m., on June 9, 2014 at City Hall with the following members of the Council answering roll: Lawrence Mozena, Ray Frew, Kelly Nutter and Mitch Miller. Absent: None. Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the June 5, 2014 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal. The posted location of the Open Meeting Act was noted by the Mayor, and the minutes of the May 12, 2014 meeting were approved as presented.

            Several concerned business owners and residents presented a Petition to repeal Ordinance No. 615, which was adopted at the May 12, 2014 meeting that provides for the levy of occupation taxes for businesses within the city of Weeping Water. Following a considerable amount of discussion, a motion was made by Mozena, seconded by Miller to rescind the previous adoption of Ordinance No. 615. Motion carried with Mozena, Frew, Nutter and Miller voting aye.

            Monthly Reports: Fire Department Report-2 fires, 1 rope rescue and 2 rescue assists during the month. It was noted that Randy Brinkman and Jim Woolhiser recently retired from the Manley Division of the Rural Fire Department. Rescue Squad Report-8 calls during the month resulting in a total of 54 man hours. It was noted that members of the Rescue Squad are still working on getting quotes for a new power cot, and that the older heart monitor will be sent in to be updated. In regard to Extreme Weight Loss wanting to film footage of a local cast member at the Fire/Rescue Station, a motion was made by Mozena, seconded by Nutter to approve a Location Contract, subject to mutually agreed upon stipulations, as recommended by the City Attorney. Motion carried unanimously. Maintenance Report-in addition to routine maintenance and repair activities, discussion was held to clarify that property owners are responsible for mowing/maintaining property rights-of-way to include the areas along Gospel Run along Commercial Street. Repairs for the blue tractor were discussed and will continue to be pursued. No action was taken on the proposal for the purchase of a Sickle Bar Mower, as it was agreed that the cost was not feasible.

Water/Wastewater Report-second quarter nitrate sampling results were considerably lower. It was noted that the grinder at the Wastewater Treatment Plant is no longer repairable. A new grinder, which costs approximately $17,000, should be installed within the next two weeks. Layne Christensen is currently obtaining additional information regarding the re-grouting of the wells, but estimated costs for the same are approximately $25,000 per well. It was mutually agreed to budget for the re-grouting of well number two during the next fiscal year. Following discussion regarding the necessary procedures to proceed with the drilling of test well sites in the County/state Right-of-way, it was agreed to authorize representatives of Olsson Associates to pursue said procedures. Health Board- appropriate measures will be taken on properties that need to be mowed, a new timeline needs to be provided on the Chambers property, and notices will be posted to discourage residents from blowing grass out in the street, as it creates problems with the storm drains.

            Motion by Mozena, seconded by Nutter to approve the application for a Special Designated Liquor License for Hopkins Tavern to operate a beer garden during Limestone Days from 8:00 a.m. on June 28, 2014 to l:00 a.m., the following day. Motion carried unanimously.

            The Clerk advised that a letter was received from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality following an inspection of the two community burn sites. It was noted that plywood, treated lumber and trash are not to be discarded in the brush/compost pile and that bagged leaves and grass clippings need to be removed from the plastic bags before being discarded to assure compliance. City personnel have removed the unauthorized debris and have contacted Andy Harpenau of Gretna Sanitation to schedule the grinding of the tree limbs/brush into marketable compost. A response letter has been sent to NDEQ advising of the same.

            A letter received from the Nebraska Department of Roads was presented, which advised that the City of Weeping Water was one of three Nebraska Communities to be awarded the NDOR Safe Routes to School Grant, which is funded by the federal government and requires no matching funds from local entities. It was noted that Weeping Water will receive $935,497 for the design and construction of 5’ wide sidewalk installation, removal and replacement of deteriorated sidewalks to close gaps along several designated streets, pedestrian crossing upgrades at intersections around the school to meet ADA requirements, a pedestrian bridge crossing over the Weeping Water Creek along Randolph Street and pedestrian crossing upgrades at the Randolph Street Railroad crossing.

            In an effort to comply with LARM’s Loss Control recommendations, the following actions were taken: A motion was made by Mozena, seconded by Frew to authorize the City Clerk and the City Attorney to prepare a proposal for an updated Personnel Manual for Council consideration at the July meeting. Motion carried unanimously. It was also agreed to provide a means of information for campers on where to seek shelter in the event of emergency weather warnings.

            Discussion was held regarding a proposed draft ordinance which creates a policy to identify and register vacant commercial buildings and impose annual vacancy fees on the same, in an effort to promote occupancy and economic development, with action being tabled for further public input.

            An update of recent building and sign permit activity included the following: Building Permit: WW Public School-bldg addition; Miscellaneous Permits: Jon Oliver-fence; Carol Sorensen-accessory building; Sign Permit: Suzanne Carlson.

            Budget projections and equipment/improvement needs were discussed and will continue to be pursued.

            Motion by Miller, seconded by Nutter to approve the following claims: Salaries-12,187.48; Bond pmts-26,178.75; Farmers & Merchant Bank, loan pmts, s/c-3,742.49; Ameritas, emp ret-1,440.89; Utilities: Black Hills Energy-382.04, OPPD-3,550.21, Verizon-116.47, Windstream-662.06; Svoboda Chebatoris, prof-575.00; United Healthcare, ins-4,756.96; Nebr. Dept. Rev., sales tax, whlg, lodging tax-1,610.39; LARM, ins-12,588.52; EFTPS, emp whlg-3,455.53; Cass County Refuse, reimb-8,328.53; PeopleService, prof-12,763.00; Post Office, pstg-200.00; Creative Edge Graphics, sup-517.55; Arbor Valley Animal Clinic, serv-258.00; Meeske Auto, rep-129.44; Keckler Oil Co., rep-158.04; Print Like Flint, sup-139.00; AmSan, sup-408.20; Conney Safety, sup-444.62; Nielsen Fertilizer, sup-109.50; Stop N Shop, fuel, sup-1,359.24; Fireguard, rep-926.80; Kurt Powles, mlg reimb-184.80; Mason Construction, imp-3,360.00; Ed M. Feld Equipment Co., sup-260.00; United Healthcare, ins reimb-513.42; Papillion Fire/Rescue, ALS Reimb-190.00; Aqua Chem, sup-857.23; Wex Bank, fuel-342.20; Mike Baier, sup reimb-42.59; One Call Concepts, serv-17.30; Banyon Data Systems, prof-295.00; Olsson Associates, prof-873.82; Choice Electric, maint-120.00; Umpire Fees:

Greg Neumaer-25.00, Jessie Houston-205.00, Bob Lawrence-80.00, Brian Lawrence-25.00, Zach Weber-370.00, Mason Heath-200.00, Collin Heath-425.00, Kevin White-90.00; R&R Wilson Welding, rep-216.25; Kerns Excavating, maint-215.00; Doris Duff, sup reimb-57.75; Lou’s Sporting Goods, sup-54.95; Hauff Sports, sup- 32.25; Smart Apple Media, bks-268.04; Chamber of Commerce, mtg-18.00; EMS Billing, reimb-360.16; Eagle Services, maint-194.00; Matheson TriGas, sup-439.59; Jr. Library Guild, bks-42.75; Baker & Taylor Co., bks-313.09; Wirebuilt, prof-150.00; Dawn Hall, animal cont.-263.33; Columbus Telegram, publ-42.25; Barco, signs-197.97; Meeske Hardware, rep/maint-1,001.18; Larry Sorensen, trkg/sup-600.20; WW Fire Dept., fire school allocation-469.85; JP Cooke, sup-49.29; WW Express Lane, maint-25.51; WW Foods, sup-32.90; Bobcat of Omaha, rep-49.00; Lowes, sup-31.66; Chad Heath, sup reimb-289.57. Motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Miller, seconded by Nutter to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.


/s/ Howard Stubbendieck, Mayor

/s/ Kay Gerdes, City Clerk