Weeping Water Nebraska
Mayor Howard Stubbendieck opened the public hearing regarding the small tract subdivision application requested by Lewis Baker at 6:15 p.m. on April 14, 2003 at City Hall. Councilmembers answering roll were Ray Frew, Earnest West and Larry Bauers. Absent: Bob McCaulley.

Notice of the hearing was given in advance thereof by posting in three public places in the City of Weeping Water on April 3, 2003.

Following review of the information presented and the Planning Board’s recommendation regarding the Baker small tract subdivision, the public hearing was closed and the regular meeting was opened with all councilmen except McCaulley answering roll.

Notice of the regular meeting was given in advance thereof by publication in the April 10, 2003 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal.

Minutes of the March 10, 24, and 31, 2003 meetings, copies of which were mailed to members of the council prior to the meeting, were approved as written.

Motion by Bauers, seconded by West to adopt Resolution No. 03-3, which approves an administrative subdivision located in the North ½ of Lot 20, all of Lots 21-25, Block A, Adams Addition to the City of Weeping Water, Cass County, Nebraska, to be known as “Baker Subdivision.” Motion carried with Frew, West, and Bauers voting aye.

Following review of a proposal for insurance coverage for the Rescue Squad and Fire Department, presented by Bill Newman, representing VFIS, it was moved by West, seconded by Bauers to change the city’s existing coverage for said departments to coverage as quoted in said VFIS proposal, effective May l, 2003. Motion carried unanimously. Mr. Newman was also asked to provide a proposal for the fire/rescue personnel life insurance coverage prior to the May meeting.

The Monthly Police Activity Report was presented for review, in which it was noted that 168 hours were patrolled during the month. Areas of concern which were addressed with the deputies were dangerous dogs running at large, children riding motorcycles in the city limits and other noise complaints.

The Monthly Health Board Report resulted in the council requesting that the City Attorney pursue the necessary measures to assure compliance of city codes on a piece of property currently in the possession of Farmers & Merchants Bank. The condition of several trailers was also discussed and will be pursued.

At approximately 7:15 p.m., the Mayor opened the public hearing concerning an application to the Department of Economic Development for a Community Development Block Grant with Frew, West, and Bauers answering roll. Absent: McCaulley.

Notice of the hearing was given in advance thereof by publication in the April 3, 2003 edition of the Plattsmouth Journal, as well as being posted in various places in the city.

Terry Meier explained to those present that the City of Weeping Water is requesting $250,000 to establish the Weeping Water Downtown Revitalization Program to include the removal and replacement of sidewalks and curbs to be in compliance with the American Disability Act, remove and replace downtown streets, related surface drainage facilities, to install new water main and water services in said area and to replace two fire hydrants, as well as associated expenses, with the $311,300 local match for the program to be derived from a combination of private assessments, injection of local monies and a general obligation bond.

There being no public objection to the information presented, the public hearing was closed and the regular meeting was resumed.

Motion by Frew, seconded by Bauers to adopt Resolution No. 03-4, which authorizes the chief elected official to sign an application for CDBG funds and execute the necessary documents so as to affect the acceptance of the grant application. Motion carried unanimously.

Ben Day of Olsson Associates presented preliminary plans for diagonal parking in a portion of the proposed downtown renovation project area, which will continue to be pursued.

Bruce Sorensen presented the Monthly Water/Wastewater Report. Councilmen were advised that in addition to the routine operations during the month, the annual inspection of the wells was completed, which showed all three well performing adequately, acceptable results on the radiochemistry gross alpha water samples were received allowing the city to be grandfathered from taking additional samples, and additional water lines and three water hydrants were installed near the city lakes.

Councilmen were updated on the status of the Thorenhaven property and several possible proposed ventures for the area.

Proposed improvements of streets and two widely used alleys in the business district were discussed and will be pursued as weather permits.

The following Ordinance was presented: ORDINANCE NO. 530


Motion by Bauers, seconded by Frew that the statutory rules be suspended so that Ordinance No. 530 might be introduced, read by title, and adopted. Ayes: Frew, West, and Bauers. Nays: None. Motion carried. Said Ordinance will be posted in the manner provided by law, with a true, correct and complete copy of the Ordinance being on file in the City Clerk’s Office.

Motion by West, seconded by Frew to adopt Resolution No. 03-5, which approves that the operation of the 4-H Shooting Club pellet gun shooting facility shall be exempt from the police regulations of the City of Weeping Water prohibiting the discharge of air guns or b-b guns for the Limestone Days Celebration to be held on June 28, 2003. Motion carried with Frew, West and Bauers voting aye. Nays: None.

Following review of bids received for various proposals, the following actions were taken: Motion by Bauers, seconded by West to accept the bid of Roofers Inc., to repair the roof of Memory Lane Museum, contingent upon clarification of warranty issues. Motion carried with Frew, West and Bauers voting aye. Motion by Frew, seconded by Bauers to approve the bid of Rusty Dennis to cut down all of the trees at the city wells site into acceptable lengths, to be completed in six months, for the amount of $3,l75. Motion carried with Frew, West and Bauers voting aye. Motion by Bauers seconded by West to approve the bid of A-1 Sweeping to perform city wide street cleaning, to include both options of the proposal for a total cost of $2,900. Motion carried with Frew, West, and Bauers voting aye.

Following review of applications received for summer employment, a motion was made by Bauers, seconded by Frew to hire Kyle Sorensen for full-time summer maintenance at $8.50 per hour, Larry Hanson for part-time park maintenance at $8.75 per hour, and Jeff Sorensen for part-time park maintenance, not to exceed 34 hours per week, at $7.00 per hour. Motion carried with Frew, West and Bauers voting aye.

Applications for Melissa Markham and Joshua Groleau to join the Fire Department were presented, which met with full council approval. Councilmen were advised that the new fire truck will arrive the first week of May and will be on display at the annual Fire School. It was agreed by the council that when the new truck arrives, the l974 pumper would be transferred and relocated to the Manley division of the Weeping Water Fire Department.

Motion by Bauers seconded by Frew to authorize payment in the amount of $975, which represents a portion of fees for lodging and registration for ten volunteers to attend Fire School. It was noted that the Rural Board also shares in expenses for the same. 

Plans were finalized for the annual City Cleanup Day, which will be held Saturday, May 3, 2003 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dumpsters will be available at the west ballfield gate for appliances and other non-hazardous debris. Gate fees will be $10 per pickup load and $10.00 for each appliance.

In regard to a letter concerning a girl’s softball team, a motion was made by Frew, seconded by Bauers that since the team members voluntarily withdrew from their team, park use fees would not be reimbursed. Motion carried with Frew and Bauers voting aye. Nays: West.

Correspondence and notice of upcoming meetings were presented for council review.

Motion by Bauers, seconded by West to accept the following claims: 

Salaries-5420.09, Ameritas, ben-505.50, Alltel, util-540.83, Aquila, util-1162.80, Ash Grove Cement Co., pk lease-400.00, Farmers & Merchants Bank, whlg-1509.89, Nebraska Department

Of Revenue, sls tx, whlg-909.36, OPPD, util-2384.82, Post Office, pstg-74.00, Svoboda & Chebatoris, prof-620.00, Cass County Refuse, rmb-7000.00, PeopleService, prof-9614.00, Water Bond pmts-23700.00, Nebr. U.C. Fund, unemp-9.73, C. Eidenmiller, rmb-363.66, Continental General, rmb-817.00, D. Edgerton, maint-170.00, Gateway Co., lib cap imp-10235.00, Lawn Order, maint-1596.00, Lincoln Fire Dept., rmb-75.00, P. Nachtigall, WWIT, equip-830.97, Schrier, rep-336.78, United Healthcare, emp ben-682.26, Plattsmouth Journal, publ-218.14, Chamber of Commerce, mtg-6.00, EMS Billing, rmb-616.95, Great Plains One Call, serv-3.83,

Alliance Medical, sup-96.00, Hilltop, fuel-51.00, Radio Communications, equip-420.00, Jacobson Helgoth, prof-500.00, Ingram, bks-215.48, Motocross, bks-18.95, Consumer Reports, bks-26.00, J. Aronson, mlg-37.44, B. Beard, mlg-17.64, Meeske Hardware, maint-348.38, J. Baxter, rmb-213.37, Business Forms, off sup-117.62, Promaco Inc., maint-475.22, Global Supply, equip-173.85, Miller Monroe Co., bal ins-12834.00, WW Express Lane, fuel-115.98, Olsson Associate, prof-438.40, Keckler Oil, fuel-108.55, Meeske Auto, rep-50.47, Barco, signs-57.17, Manley Fire Dept., rmb-436.00, Cass County Sheriff, prof-2711.80, Young Service Inc., rep-177.50, Dale P. Nielsen, Inc., rep-30.68, Linweld, sup-24.05, Cass Co. Little League, fees-450.00, SE Girls Softball League, fees-380.00, Hoss’s Lawn Care, maint-1025.00, Banyon Data System, prof-207.30, Papillion Vol. Fire Dept., rmb-75.00, Parriott Construction, imp-915.00

Motion carried with Frew, West and Bauers voting aye.

Motion by West seconded by Frew to adjourn. Motion carried with Frew, West and Bauers answering aye.

Kay Gerdes
City Clerk