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Happy Holidays!!
      Have you ever been curious as to the history of a Holiday season celebration unfamiliar to you? This special Holiday Newseltter will answer your holiday questions with the history of a few of the popular celebrations of the season. Also included are updates of community events, community announcements, and pictures and scores of the Weeping Water boys varsity basketball team's first round game in the York Tournament.  

Happy Holidays!!
      After listening to my friend's holiday stories of celebrating Hanukkah, I often found myself wondering the history of the celebration so foreign to me. Why do they light eight candles? Why not nine or ten? Why do they even light candles? I decided to broaden my horizon and Google Hanukkah to find out the answers to all of my questions. Then I realized what a great newsletter topic I had stubbled upon. The following are the traditions and history of a few of the popular holiday celebrations.
      Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights, starting in November or December. In Hebrew, the word "Hanukkah" means "dedication."
      The holiday celebrates therededication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem after the Jews' 165 B.C.E. voctory over the Hellenist Syrians. The Greek King of Syria outlawed Jewish rituals and ordered Jews to worship Greek Gods.
      In 168 B.C.E. the Jews' holy Temple was seized and dedicated to the worship of Zeus. Some Jews were afriad of the Greek soldiers and obeyed them, but most were angry and decided to fight back.
      The fight began in Modiin, a village not far from Jerusalem. A Greek officer asked Mattathias, Jewish High Priest, to do many activities forbidden to Jews. When Mattathias refused, another villager stepped forward and offered to do it instead. Mattathias became very angry at the man and killed him and the Greek officer with his sword. Then Mattathias and the other villagers killed the soldiers.
      After the fight, Mattathias and his family went into hinding in the nearby mountains, along with other Jews who wanted to fight the Greeks. They attacked the Greek soldiers whenever possible.
      Judah Maccabee and his soldiers went to the holy Temple and were saddened by the many things that were missing or broken, including the golden menorah. They cleaned and repaired the Temple and when they were finished, decided to have a dedication ceremony. For the celebration, they wanted to light the menorah. They looked everywhere for oil and found a small flask that contained only enough for one day. Miraculously, the oil lasted for eight days, which gave them enough time to get more oil to keep the menorah lit. Today Jews celebrate Hanukkah for eight days by lighting candles in a menorah every night, commemorating the eight-day miracle. 
      Christmas is the annual holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. The date of the celebration is traditional, and is not considered to be His actual date of birth. Christmas festivities often combine the celebration of Jesus' birth with various other customs, many of which have been influanced by past years.
      In most places around the world, Christmas is celebrated on December 25. Christmas Eve is the preceeding day, December 24. The word "Christmas" originated from the words "Christ's Mass."      
      Christmas Day has increased graually after Charlemagne was crowned on Christmas Day in 800. Christmas during the middle ages was a public festival, incorporating ivy, holly, and other evergreens, as well as gift giving.
      Modern traditions have come to include the display of Nativity Scenes, holly, and Christmas trees, the exchange of gifts and cards, and the arrival of Father Christmas or Santa Claus on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Popular Christmas themes include the promotion of goodwill and peace.
      Kwanzaa is a week-long Pan-African festival celebrated primarily in the United States, honoring African American heritage. It is observed from December 26 to January 1 each year.
      Kwanzaa consists of seven days of celebration, featuring activities such as candle-lighting and pouring of libations, and culminating in a feast the gift giving. It was created by Ron Karenga, and first celebrated from December 26, 1966 to January 1, 1967. Karenga call Kwanzaa the African American branch of "fresh fruits" celebration of classical African cultures.
Varisty Boys Basketball Team Compete in York Tournament
      Weeping Water's varsity boys basketball team played their first basketball game in the annual York Tournament on Tuesday. Weeping Water entered the game with only one loss for the season, making this game very big for the team's record. The boys played a great game on their home court and won 51-39 to Auburn. Winning this game brought them to the 1st place game at York College on Thursday at 7:45, where they will face the winner of the Grand Island Central Catholic and Blue Hill game. 
      Tuesday's game was very close throughout the first half coming in to half time with a score of 18-19 with Auburn in the lead. Weeping Water was determined and for the next quarter fought hard for the lead, ending the third quarter in the lead at 34-31. The beginning of the fourth quarter was as close as the third quarter until Weeping Water got on a wonderful scoring streek, ending the game with a 51-39 win over Auburn.
      Congratulations boys and good luck on Thursday!
 Weeping Water Cheerleaders cheering the team on to victory



 Jake Nutter (45) passing the ball to Tanner Wiles (5)
No School: The last day of school for Weeping Water will be Wednesday, December 19th. School will resume at Weeping Water on Thursday, January 3rd.
Local Walking Program and Blood Pressure Monitoring
      The State Farm Office in Weeping Water will now be a place where blood pressure can be taken and where information about the walking program can be obtained. Linda Conrad has agreed to have a room set aside and SELF MONITORING blook pressure equipment available for anyone who would like to check their blood pressure. If there are any questions about the equipment, the office personnel will be there to help. Information about the walking program at school can be obtained here and they will keep track of the times that the school will be available for walking. They also have a map of areas to walk and how many times around the school makes a mile etc. Alegent Health has donated the equipment and the walking program information.
Petska Fur
Petska Fur
1309 I Street
Ord, NE 68862
Business Phone: 308-728-3424
Location: Express Lane, Weeping Water
Date: Sundays
Time: 9:35-9:50 a.m.
We trade gloves for fur or hides.
Top prices for quality raw furs, antlers, deer and elk hides.
Ken Petska, owner
Ken Cell: 308-728-7174
Greg Cell: 308-750-0700
Future Dancers Camp
      The Weeping Water High School Rockettes Dance Team will offer a dance clinic for young girls in grades K-8. The girls will learn dance technique and a performance routine.
               Practice Dates: January 7th, 11th, and 14th
               Practice Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm
               Performance: Half-time during the varsity boys basketball game on January 15th at Weeping Water High School
      The cost to participate is $25 per girl and includes instruction, a dance t-shirt, and snack at the practice sessions.
      **Each dancer must be escorted by an adult for the performance** 
Registration forms are available at Weeping Water School
Please contact Megan Berry Barlow at 402-267-5203 with any questions 
Fish Fry
Polluck and Carp
Chicken gizzards and livers
Post 237
American Legion, Weeping Water
Where: American Legion Hall, Weeping Water
When: Friday, December 21, 2007
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Cost: $7.00 per person
Carryout available
Holiday Scramble
      Join the fun of the "Holiday Scramble" in Weeping Water. Entry forms are available at any participating Chamber of Commerce business. Contest dates run from November 27th through December 27, 2007. Drawings for ten $50 gift certificates (redeemable at any Weeping Water Chamber of Commerce business) will be held on December 28, 2007. Need not be present to win. Participants will visit each business to recieve one word, which will be a part of the "Holiday Scramble." Once you obtain all seven words, unscramble the words to form the designated phrase and either write or tape the phrase in the boxes provided on the entry form. Complete the form by filling in your name, address, and telephone number and drop off the completed form in the gold box at either Farmers & Merchants Bank or Heartland Bank.  
         Winter Theatre Schedule
Mahoney State Park 2007-2008
Winter Theatre Season
Christmas in Her Heart
By: Walt Vail
December 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Showtimes: Friday and Saturday-7:30 p.m. Sunday-2:00 p.m.
Show Only Tickets: $8.00 for adults and $6.00 for children 12 & under
Dinner and Show Tickets: $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 & under
For reservations call: 402-944-2523 ext. 7122
Holiday Garbage Collection
      There will be NO garbage collection on Tuesday, December 25th and Tuesday, January 1st. 
      Everyone in the community will have their garbage picked up on Friday, December 28th and Friday, January 4th.
Library Board Meetings
Library board meetings for the Weeping Water Public Library have been changed from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. every other month.
Story Hour
The Weeping Water Public Library would like to invite preschoolers and their parents to atttend story hour at the Weeping Water Public Library.
Every Monday morning from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Story hour is a very informal time that gets young parents and their young children out of the house and also gives the children a chance to learn at a young age that reading is fun!
Community News
2008 Weekly Drawing for 52 weeks
$100 winner every Saturday!
Tickets are now on sale! To purchase tickets, contact any Elmwood Volunteer Rescue Member: Ed Blunt 994-3295, Miki Bruns 994-2770, Jennifer Brettmann, Theresa Brown, Mike Krass, John Oehlerking, Konia Jones, Ben Kastens, Jordan Peterson, Jen Kunz, and Jeff Clymer.
Soaring Wings Vineyard continues Acoustic Sundays through December from 1-4 pm. Free admission!
Angel Tree Ready for Angels
The Angel Tree is up at the Home State Bank for anyone to pick up an Angel.
Please help a child this Holiday Season!!
Choose a paper Angel from the tree. Purchase the item listed on the Angel. Wrap it. Tape the Angel on the outside of the gift. Place the gift under the tree.
Other Items Needed:
Food, gloves, hats, socks, and undergarmets. These items can be delivered to Home State Bank lobby (where the Angel Tree is located), at Jeff's Grocery, or the Elementary School.
Please turn in presents and donated food items by December 20, 2007.
Open Hearts Kitchen
Date: Thursday, February 15, and every Thursday after that
Place: First United Methodist Church (702 Main Street)
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Price: FREE
Menu: Soup, sandwiches, vegetables, fresh fruit, drinks, and dessert.
Details: Is your family struggling to make ends meet? Do you have to skimp on meals or skip meals just to get by? If so, you are invited to the Open Hearts Kitchen. No questions asked, no judgements made, no lectures given, just good food and good fellowship.
Thursday, December 20: HS boys basketball game (V) @ York College Tournament TBA  No School for Weeping Water School
Monday, December 24: Christmas Eve
Tuesday, December 25: Christmas Day
Wednesday, December 26: Kwanzaa Begins