Weeping Water Nebraska
Open House !

Multi-Vendor Party
3015 120th Street, Weeping Water, NE
Saturday, May 30th  
 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Come see what’s new with Pampered Chef, Scentsy Candles, Mary Kay, BeautiControl, Tammy’s Soap Shack, Tastefully Simple, Partylite, Chic Pursenality, Avon and More
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The annual Weeping Water Alumni Banquet was held on Saturday, May 23rd in the High School gym.  More than 120 people attended this year and had a wonderful time catching up with old friends and finding out what has been happening with the school in the past year (or two or three . . .).  The 25 year class were the hosts this year and they did a great job of organizing the entertainment, the dinner, and the business meeting. 
Entertainment for the evening was “Houston Solution” and the dinner was prepared and served by the Weeping Water Assembly #5 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.  As usual, the dinner was delicious, the entertainment was great and the evening was enjoyed by all. 
Please remember to attend Weeping Water’s annual Alumni Banquet next year.  The banquet is always held on the Saturday of Memorial Weekend.  See you next year!


New Benches at the Ballfield

    Two new benches were recently installed at the Weeping Water ballfield.  These benches were donated by the Euclid Lodge #97 in memory of WM “Pat” Wade and Joe Bender.  Several Masons spent a Saturday morning mixing and pouring concrete to form a strong base for the benches.  These beautiful, comfortable benches will be used and enjoyed for many years. 
    This is yet another way that our community works together to improve our city’s common areas.  The next time you see one of the Mason’s, thank them for their contribution to the beauty of our town.




The Lofte Community Theatre near Manley opens its 33rd season with Tom Dudzik's family drama, "Over the Tavern." The story is set in the Eisenhower years of 1950s America. However, life is far from idyllic for the Pazinski family of Buffalo, New York. They live in a cramped apartment above the tavern owned and ran by the head of the family, Chet Pazinski. The youngest of the family, 12 year-old Rudy, decides that he's had it with traditional family values and those of the Roman Catholic church. When he announces to his already stressed family and the ruler-wielding nun, Sister Clarissa, that he wants to look around for a more "fun" religion, all hell breaks loose.
While "Over the Tavern" does have some hilariously funny moments, it is truly a sentimental look at families, growing up and God. It's a great script that is sure to both entertain and cause audience members to reflect on their own adolescent experiences.

Starring in his first leading role at the Lofte is twelve year-old Tucker Flodman of Eagle. Also in the cast are Cheryl Grimshaw of Plattsmouth, Kevin Holdorf of Manley, Evan Wooten of Waverly, Bill Hayes of Nebraska City, Lizzy Pegler of Elmwood and Virginia Howe Kincaid of Elkhorn.
Performance Dates are May 29-31, June 5-7 and 11-14. Showtimes are 7:30pm Thursday-Saturday and 2:30pm on Sundays. General admission tickets can be purchased either on-line or by contacting the box office at (402) 234-2553. However, if you're still thinking about purchasing season tickets, now is the time. Season passes (for the 5 regular season shows) may be purchased for $60 which equals $12 per show. This is an overall savings of $20 for the entire season. The season package pricing is only available through June 14th.

Cast of "Over the Tavern." Front row, Cheryl Grimshaw, Virginia Howe Kincaid and Lizzy Pegler. Back row, Kevin Holdorf, Tucker Flodman, Bill Hayes and Evan Wooten

For Immediate Release: Changes to Note

May 22, 2009, Lincoln – Only a few of the bills that are passed by the Legislature receive media coverage. This means that Nebraska citizens seldom, if ever, hear about the majority of the new laws that are enacted. Last month I highlighted some bills that were passed early in the session. I am now pleased to provide information about more new laws that you should know about.

The new law created by LB 92, known as the “move-over” law, will prohibit drivers from traveling in highway lanes next to a shoulder, in which emergency or road assistance vehicles are stopped. If drivers are not able to move over, they will be required to reduce their speed. This law will only apply to Interstate 80 and other highways that accommodate two or more lanes of traffic flowing in the same direction. A first offense violation of this law will be defined as a traffic infraction, and second or subsequent offenses will be charged as Class IIIA misdemeanors.

Last year a bill was passed to allow first and second offense drunk drivers to resume driving more quickly, if they installed and used an interlock ignition device. The device keeps a car from starting, if the driver has consumed alcohol. It works like a breathalyzer, because the driver blows into it, in order to start the car. The premise behind the use of the interlock device is that people will be able to continue to work and take care of their families, without endangering others by repeating their inappropriate driving behavior. This year LB 497 was passed to create a penalty for people who violate the terms of usage for their interlock ignition device. A violator would be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor and would be denied further use privileges for the interlock ignition device.

Under LB 500 a mayor, city council or the board of trustees of a municipal cemetery may set aside the proceeds from the sale of lots, donations and bequests to create a perpetual fund. The income from the fund may then be used for the management, maintenance, improvement or beautification of the cemetery. If there is a need or desire to use the principal of the fund, no more than 20 percent may be used in any fiscal year, and no more than 40 percent may be used over a period of ten consecutive fiscal years.

LB 9 added wood and corn to the list of items that are exempt from sales and use tax when used as fuel in farming. Previously, other energy sources such as electricity, coal, gasoline, fuel oil, propane and natural gas were exempt. The bill contained an emergency clause, so it became law when it was signed by the governor on May 21st.

Our current law allows parents to provide insurance coverage for children, under the age of 24, who are full-time students. When LB 551 becomes law on January 1, 2010, a new insurance option will be available for these young adults. The new law will allow unmarried adults to continue health insurance coverage under their parents’ policies through age 29.

I co-introduced LB 671 to create uniform death investigations, establish regional support services and mandate death investigation training and on-going education for county coroners. I supported this bill, in part, because its primary introducer Senator Pete Pirsch of Omaha included some new procedures for the investigation of sudden, unexplained infant deaths. Senator Pirsch did this in response to requests from a District 2 constituent and from me. Nebraska’s current laws have been in place since 1917, and provide no state oversight and few standards to ensure quality death investigations. In many parts of Nebraska, county attorneys are required to serve as coroners, but they are not required to have the necessary training to carry out the responsibilities that accompany this role. When LB 671 becomes law in August, the quality and consistency of death investigation in our state will be improved.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.
Senator Dave Pankonin
    State Capitol
    PO Box 94604
    Lincoln, NE 68509
    (402) 471-2613
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