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School starts this Thursday, August 15th.  This will be a short day, with school getting out at 1:30.  Friday will be the first full day of classes. 


Please consider recycling.  Just use a separate container then your garbage container and obtain a sticker from the city office to put on it.  No sorting necessary!!!   Please NO glass, styrofoam, disposable diapers, or plastic bags.  Everything else is acceptable.  Cass County Refuse will pick your recycling up right at your curb every Wednesday morning.  The best part is that there is NO extra charge for this service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After the American Red Cross issued an emergency request for blood donations in July, many donors generously rolled up their sleeves.  Currently, blood products are being distributed to hospitals almost as quickly as donations are coming in.  All blood types, especially O negative, A negative and B negative, are still urgently needed.

Blood and platelets are needed for many reasons.  Accident and burn victims, heart surgery patients and organ transplant recipients, as well as those receiving treatment for cancer or sickle cell disease, may depend on lifesaving transfusions.  In fact, every two seconds a patient in the US needs a blood transfusion.

The Red Cross, on behalf of the hospitals and patients it serves, appreciates all those who take the time to help save lives.

Upcoming blood donation opportunities:

August 29 from 1-7pm, Gibson Hall, 101 W Eldora Ave., Weeping Water


Senior Citizen Meals at the Community Center

101 W Eldora Ave  Suite 3

start serving at 11 am

Contact Ruth Vogt at 402-267-5303 to reserve a meal

or schedule a delivery

August 14, 2013

chicken salad sandwich on croissant

macaroni salad

fresh fruit

cookie bar

August 16, 2013

ham loaf

baked potato


bean salad


August 19, 2013

hot beef sandwich

mash potatoes


fruit salad


August 21, 2013

taco salad

refried beans


fresh fruit



Pillage the_Village


Greenwood Fun_Day


pancake feed


entertainment plaza


The Fall Festival 2013 sponsored by the Weeping Water Chamber of Commerce will be held Saturday, September 28th.

Fall Festival

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Plattestock 2013