Weeping Water Nebraska


Food Drive


Rob Clements will be at the Hopper Community Center on December 6th to talk about his aunt's experience in World War II.  Come join the senior citizens for lunch (cost is $4) and enjoy the stories from the past.


Senior Citizen Meals at the Hopper Community Center

101 W Eldora Avenue  Suite 3

start serving at 11am

contact Ruth Vogt at 402-267-5303

to reserve a meal or schedule a delivery

November 13, 2013

baked chicken w/gravy

mashed potatoes

green beans

carrot salad

cake/ice cream

November 15, 2013

beef & noodles

peas & carrots

jello w/fruit


November 18, 2013

liver & onions

mash potatoes

california blend

fruit salad


November 20, 2013

ham & beans


pea salad

pickle spear



Recycling containers wil be delivered within the next week.  Everyone will receive one.  We strongly encourage everyone to recycle.


steak dinner