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March 7, 2007

I’m sure many of you have been going stir-crazy like me, snowed in you house and not being able to drive anywhere safely. The previous week’s blizzard caused many highways and interstates to be closed due to great accumulation of snow and blowing snow. The following are some helpful tips about driving in the ice and snow.

Tips for Driving Through a Winter Wonderland:

  • General Tips for Driving in Ice and Snow:
    • Clear all ice and snow from your vehicle. This includes all windows and windshield wipers. Make sure your car has plenty of freeze-resistant windshield washer fluid.
    • Drive slowly, even if your vehicle travels well in ice and snow. It’s best not to disrupt the flow of traffic by driving faster than everyone else.
    • To avoid skids, use your brakes gently and carefully on snow and ice. “Squeeze” your brakes in slow, steady strokes. Allow your wheels to keep rolling. Do not allow your brakes to lock up. If your brakes start to lock up, ease off the brake pedal.
    • When freezing rain, sleet, snow, etc. start to fall, remember that bridges, ramps, and overpasses are likely to freeze first.
    • Be aware that there still may be slick spots after road crews have cleared the roads.
  • If Your Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle Starts to Skid:
    • Take your foot off the gas and switch your car into neutral. Don’t try to steer immediately.
    • When the wheels skid sideways, your vehicle will slow down and traction will return to your wheels. Steer the way you would like to go, and then once again put your car back into drive. Accelerate slowly.
  • If Your Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicle Starts to Skid:
    • Turn the wheel in the direction you want the front wheels to go. If your rear wheels are sliding left, steer left. If sliding right, steer right.
    • If your wheels start to slide the other way after you recover, ease the steering wheel towards that side. You might have to steer back and forth a couple times before you get your vehicle totally under control.
    • Throughout the whole process above make sure to have your foot gently on the brake pedal.

Weeping Water Head Start Enrollment
Applications for enrollment for the 2007-2008 school year of Weeping Water Head Start are now being accepted. Head start classes are held Monday through Thursday, 8:45am to 2:30pm. The children are fed breakfast, lunch, and a snack. This program includes small and large group activities, work time (centers), indoor and outdoor play time. Applications can be found at the Express Lane and Keckler’s Bottle Garden as well as many other businesses in Weeping Water. After completing an application please mail the application to: Cass County Head Start Central Office, 1912 East Highway 34, Plattsmouth, NE 68048; or you may drop it by the Weeping Water head start classroom.

Overview of Boys Basketball District Finals
Congratulations to the Weeping Water Boys Varsity Basketball team for winning the district finals game!! The boy’s varsity team played a wonderful game last Monday night at the District Finals game in Beatrice. The boys struggled at times to stay ahead of the opposing team, Deshler, but throughout the whole game Deshler never once pulled ahead in points. The game was a very nerve-racking; there was often less then 5 points between the teams. By the end of the 3rd quarter, two of our starters, Jake Nutter and Joel Haveman, had four fouls and another starter, Jordan Mason, had fouled out. At the beginning of the 4th quarter Weeping Water was feeling pretty confident with a 10-point lead: 48-38. Their confidence started to quaver by the middle of the 4th quarter when they were only ahead by 5 points: 51-46. With one minute left in the 4th quarter the score was 53-50, they were only ahead by 3 points and Weeping Water had the ball. Trying our best to waste time and let the clock run out, they passed the ball back and fourth, back and fourth. Deshler had no choice but to foul Weeping Water to at least get a chance to get the ball back on their side. Weeping Water repeatedly made the free throws bringing the final score to 57-50. Weeping Water Boy’s Basketball team is going to state for the first time since 1961!!

Faithful Weeping Water fans cheering their team on to victory!!



Weeping Water’s starting five basketball
players cutting down the net at district finals.
Top to bottom, left to right: Joel Haveman, Jacob Wardyn, Jordan Mason, Jake Nutter, and Eric Sorenson.

Eric Sorenson receiving a pass from Joel Haveman

2007 State Qualifiers!!!


  • Thursday, March 8:
    • Boys Basketball State Tournament game @ Lincoln North Star High School @ 1:30pm.
    • No School-Spring Break
  • Friday, March 9:
    • Boys Basketball State Tournament TBA
    • No School-Spring Break
  • Saturday, March 10:
    • Boys Basketball State Tournament TBA
    • Junior High Wrestling Invite @ Ashland-Greenwood @ 1:00pm
  • Tuesday, March 13:
    • Junior High Wrestling @ Auburn @ 4:00pm

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