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Date: Jan 30, 2019

There will only be one guy in town today to collect recycling.  If your recycling is not collected today, Cass County Refuse will be in town tomorrow to collect so just leave it out at the curb.  


Message from State Sen. Rob Clements

The 2019 Legislative Session has begun and state senators have finished introducing new bills. I would like to address a few of the issues and mention some legislation I have introduced. First, I would like to thank the voters of Legislative District 2 for trusting me to represent them in the Unicameral. It is an honor and a privilege.

The preliminary work of electing leadership and permanent rules has been completed. We came up three votes short of eliminating secret ballots in our rules for electing leadership positions. I voted to end voting for leadership by secret ballot. I believe voters should be able to know who their senator supports for leaders who will control much of the legislative process.

I am on the Appropriations Committee again and will continue to work hard to control state spending and replenish our cash reserve. Right now, Nebraska has a small surplus, but there are many competing interest for spending it, including property tax relief and Medicaid expansion. 

The cost of Medicaid expansion will begin July 1, 2020, the second year of our two-year budget, and is currently estimated at $48 million per year. There are several property tax relief bills, and I am evaluating them and waiting to see which ones come out of committee.

I signed onto Sen. Brewer’s bill, LB 153, to increase income tax deductions for military retirees by exempting 50 percent of military retirement income. This will help to keep more of Nebraska’s military retirees from leaving our state and make us a more tax friendly state.

This session I have introduced six bills. LB 452 would move Cass County from Planning and Development Region 6 to Region 8. This would move Cass from the Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) to the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency. This year we’ve added language to provide a process by which counties may change regions in the future. Next time I will address other major proposals before the Legislature and touch on some of the other bills I have introduced.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff for information on issues or if I may be of
assistance. Please reach me at: Senator Rob Clements, State Capitol Rm 812, Lincoln, NE 68509
(402­471­2613), or at my email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Annual Event at Unadilla - Groundhog Day, Feb 2nd

Ghog flyer 2019


Fire Department Picture

Thank you form Nehawka Fire

We had our soup supper Last Saturday Night. It did go over well and we would like to thank everyone that showed up.

We would like to thank everyone for all your support!! Thank you for coming out Saturday evening. During the fundraiser members received years of service awards.

15 Years of Service:
Shane Adams
Leann Adams

10 Years of Service:
Ryan Adams
Ann Fischer

5 Years of Service:
Dan Knabe
Michael McIntire
Bob Sorenson
Teara Adams


2019 01 30 MFF Pancakes

Beef Workshop





Weeping Water United Methodist Church is hiring a secretary.  Approximately 20 hours/week, salary’s negotiable. 
Please, contact Pastor Larry Adams at (402) 470-1792 for more information.





Valentine's Day events



Dinner at Slattery Vintage Estates, Nehawka, NE
Book your spots by calling 402-267-5267




FatherDaughterDanceFlier 2019


PL Everything Chocolate 2019

PL Bingo Jan Feb


Lofte special Events

Details at www.lofte.com


ELM Quonset Country Line Dance

Lucas Minor Band








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